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Sally Park Holidays,

Rosslare Strand,



Sally Park Holidays

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do mobile homes have to be purchased through Sallypark Holidays Ltd?


Mobile homes can be purchased directly from Sallypark Holidays Ltd or through authorised agents.


2. Is there an entrance fee?


All fee's are included in the purchase price of the mobile home.


3. How much is the annual charge?


For 2016, it is 2,526 euro incl VAT, waste, water and sewerage but not electricity.


4. May I sub-let my mobile home?


No, Sallypark Holidays Ltd does not allow sub-letting. Only immediate friends and family may use the mobile home.


5. May clients erect their own veranda's & is there a trade-up policy?


No, veranda's may only be erected by SallyPark Holidays Ltd designated contractors. Please see entrance fee above.

Yes, there is a trade-up policy. Mobile homes must be 13 years old or less irrespective of condition. Replacement mobiles may be purchased through Sallypark Holidays Ltd.


6. Can I sell my mobile home on-site?


Yes, but solely through SallyPark Holidays Ltd and provided it is less than 13 years old. The only way it can be sold privately is to do so off-site.


7. Can I access my mobile home throughout the year?

Use of the site at Sallypark Holidays Ltd is by license. The license is from the period 01 March to 31 October. From 01 November to commencement of the following season the mobile home can be stored on site free-of-charge. During the latter period the mobile home may, of course, be inspected during daylight hours and by prior arrangement with Sallypark Holidays Ltd.